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ALC World - giving you instant access to the very best medical facilities and resources from across the globe.
Please note: These providers do not necessarily have a direct settlement arrangement with ALC.

  • Doctors and Hospitals
    Search for carefully selected doctors and medical facilities near where you live and work including our international community of English-speaking doctors in more than 175 countries.
  • Destination Profiles
    CityHealthSM Profiles - critical health information for nearly 1,500 cities, including notable hospitals and clinics.
    Security Profiles - detailed descriptions of security conditions and the most dangerous areas for hundreds of major destinations.
  • Medical Translations
    Drug Names - country-specific brand names and generic equivalents for over 350 medications.
    Medical Terms and Phrases - Hundreds of key medical terms and phrases translated into the most widely spoken languages with audio clips and transliterations.
  • News Alerts
    Important security and health news from around the world.
  • Travel Health Center
    Helpful information for when you travel and work away from home.


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