mPassport® iPhone App

mPassport brings you trusted medical care around the world via an annual subscription.

mPassport is for subscribers or insured members only.

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Finding trusted medical care when you are outside of your home country can be challenging. mPassport brings you destination-specific information and expert assistance to prepare and protect you while traveling.

  • Find a Provider—Locate the right doctor, dentist, mental health professional, hospital or clinic.
  • Request an Appointment—We will schedule a convenient time with an English-speaking provider.
  • Find your Medications—Brand names vary around the world, know what yours is called and whether it is available; then find a pharmacy.
  • Translate Medical Phrases and Terms—It even lets you play them for others to hear.

Most functions work without a connection, and you can save your favorite items and review recently viewed ones as well.

HTH Worldwide, the company behind mPassport, is a leader in helping world travelers gain access to quality healthcare services around the world. HTH combines ongoing research, a contracted global community of physicians and hospitals and wide experience in international health insurance to ensure customers’ health, safety and peace of mind. To learn more, visit HTH Worldwide.

Customer Service

Inside the U.S.: 888.243.2358 or 610.254.8769
Outside the U.S.: +1.610.254.8769

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