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Join hundreds of thousands of world travelers who rely on mPassport to find reliable medical care when far from home.

Use mPassport to:
  • Search, map and choose among carefully selected doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Schedule an appointment on short notice
  • Find equivalent medication brand names and translate important medical terms and phrases (even hear them spoken in the local language!)
  • Downloaded right to your phone, this app works without an Internet connection
  • Use a Google maps connection to get walking or driving directions from your current location or pre-loaded landmarks
Available on the App Store

You can find apps in the iTunes App Store covering these destinations:

  • Athens, Barcelona, Budapest, Dublin, Florence, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Rome, Vienna
  • Dubai
  • Cape Town, Nairobi
  • Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico City, Quito
  • Bermuda, Nassau
  • Beijing, Hong Kong
  • Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo

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For General Customer Service
Inside the US: 888.243.2358 or 610.254.8769
Outside the US: +1.610.254.8769
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